Fly ‘n’ Ride Update

Hey riders!

Today we deliver the latest version 1.1 which comes with some improvements, and above all with additional content, which we created for you – the community. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions!
We present to you the new ride “Big Spin” – two independently controllable arm motors and a free-swinging gondola should give you even more exciting fairground thrills. You can even experience it in Virtual Reality 😉

This ride can be found on a new fairground tile, which seamlessly extends the already existing map.

New fairground tile available!

Furthermore, we added two highly requested features. We added a free cam to “fly” around a ride (you can control it with your mouse and the arrow keys on your keyboard) – this should give you even more ways to experience your rides. Many of you also requested that the control panel activation (Shift key) should be available from all ride-cameras, so we added this feature.
We hope you will enjoy this update as we do and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Here is the full changelog:

New content:
  • New ride: Big Spin
  • New fairground tile
  • VR Experience for Big Spin and Casino Swing
New Features:
  • Free Camera to fly around rides and finding the perfect camera angle
  • Control panel camera can now be activated from any other camera on the current ride (in previous versions just the operator camera)
  • Ride audio sources for jingles and music now have a reverb effect on them for more realistic sounds
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed visitors queuing up in ride-internal queues, but never going to their seats (thus blocking the whole queue)
  • Fixed visitors entering the “Titan” ride slowly
  • Fixed visitors that left the ride after slowly advancing ride with restraints open
  • Fixed sidebar tabs sometimes not closing properly (leaving a gap in the sidebar)