Experience the most comprehensive fairground ride simulation game of all times!

Bigger, better and even more entertaining than ever before – that’s Virtual Rides® 3, the most comprehensive fairground ride simulation game of all times. Set to be released on PC in March 2017 by Frankfurt based developer ZeichenKraftwerk and publisher 2tainment from Magdeburg the impressive facts of the new simulation game will be sure to excite all funfair fans:

  • Discover a fairground measuring 100.000 square miles with space for approximately 100 stalls and rides.
  • More than 10 unique carnival rides for you to design and control – you can even take a ride yourself.
  • Ride controls on a 3D desk accurate in every detail.
  • Countless visual design and adjustment options for your rides.
  • Integrate your very own jingles and personalize announcements using the microphone.
  • Create impressive light shows.
  • Full control of weather conditions and daytimes.
  • Realistically simulated visitor flow that actively reacts to environmental changes.


With these features the third part of the successful franchise surpasses even its predecessor Virtual Rides® 2 which took the hearts of fairground ride enthusiasts by storm upon its release three years ago.

Virtual Rides® 3 puts no limits on the player‘s creativity and is being constantly improved by the feedback of its active user community.

The most comprehensive carnival ride experience up to date will be available for PC in March 2017 for 24.99 Euro (RRP) – both in stores and online for digital download.

Steffen Schaller, CEO ZeichenKraftwerk: “As the game’s developer team we are of course very happy to raise the genre of fairground ride simulations to their next level with Virtual Rides® 3. Thanks to the close cooperation with our loyal community we were able to create a game that we feel will not only inspire existing fans but also many new players worldwide.”


Stefan Weyl, Managing Director 2tainment GmbH: “We are very much looking forward to the release of Virtual Rides® 3. Over the years the franchise has managed to acquire a very loyal and active fan base. The feedback of these players has been essential to the development of its newest part and we firmly plan on continuing to closely cooperate with these fans even after the game will have reached the stores. With this we will make sure that Virtual Rides® 3 will remain a game that will always offer maximum entertainment to all simulation aficionados for a long time to come.“

About 2tainment GmbH
2tainment GmbH is a globally active publishing company in the PC and video games industry headquartered in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt. The company focuses on the international development, financing, and marketing of entertainment products in the hardware and software sectors. With its sales network, 2tainment reaches more than 80 countries — over 90% of the global digital and retail market. In addition to its marketing expertise, 2tainment also provides selected developers with attractive financing options for realizing their project where necessary
About ZeichenKraftwerk
Founded in 2010, ZeichenKraftwerk – also known as ZKW – has its headquarters in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany. Since its establishment, ZKW has consistently been recognized for its mobile apps, websites and simulation games, especially the fairground simulation «Virtual Rides®». ZKW is committed to crafting high-quality products with a strong focus on the users’ experience. ZKW’s doors are open for feedback and creativity